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Car Accident Claims In Nevada

Car accidents occur all the time in Nevada. Many Nevada citizens have either been involved in an auto accident or we know someone who was hurt in a car wreck in Nevada. Many of our our friends, neighbors and family members have endured pain and suffering as a result of a Nevada car accident. Any car accident has the potential to cause severe injuries to the accident victim including soft-tissue injuries, back and neck injuries, bruising, loss of limb, broken bones, scarring, disfigurement, permanent physical disability and even death. Car accident insurance coverage is often available and can be utilized to pay for a Nevada auto accident victim’s pain, suffering, lost wages, medical bills and loss of quality of life. In the event that the victim was killed in a Nevada car accident, the auto accident victim’s family could be entitled to receive moeny damages as compensation for the emotional and financial losses they have suffered including the loss of companionship, the loss of support and the loss of consortium.

A Nevada car accident may involve numerous complicated legal topics including: comparative negligence, stacking of policies, subrogation rights, bad faith, minimum insurance coverage requirements and uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM – UIM) coverage issues. If you are not familiar with these topics and need to explore your legal options, you can consult a Nevada Attorney. A Nevada Attorney can assist in the evaluation of your Nevada auto accident claim. One of the important points to discuss is the filing time for your auto accident. A Nevada car accident complainant has two years from the date of the car wreck to file a lawsuit. The filing time is different in other states, so you should consult a local attorney.

If you or a family member were hurt in a car wreck in Nevada, there are a few things you can do to strengthen your car accident liability case and possibly increase the settlement or jury award available as compensation. These steps include the following: You should report the Nevada car accident to the police. If the accident report shows that the other driver was issued a citation for a traffic violation, this may establish liability and make your case stronger if you have to go to court over your vehicle accident in Nevada. You need to get the names and addresses of anyone who was a witness to the vehicle collision. Do not discuss the auto accident with anyone at the scene of the car wreck except for the Police who are investigating. As soon as possible, have pictures taken of your injuries and of the car damage. These pictures will be useful if your car accident claim does not settle and you have to go to trial to recover for your injuries. Also, you need to keep track of any receipts and documents related to your car accident because these documents will be used to support your claim when a Nevada Attorney makes a Demand on the insurance company for the settlement of your auto accident claim for damages.

Seek immediate medical care after the accident if you feel you were injured in any manner. Be sure to report any injury (no matter how slight it may seem at the time) to the police, paramedics, doctor, hospital or any other health care provider. Be very specific with the injury symptoms you are describing and do not leave anything out regardless of how slight it may seem at the time. This is because a slight symptom could indicate a serious injury and your doctor cannot give you an informed medical opinion if you held something back.

Be aware that the adjuster for the insurance company may try to convince to settle your car accident claim without using a Nevada personal injury attorney. You should use caution because the adjuster’s main objective is usually to get you to accept the lowest amount possible for the settlement of your personal injury claim. A friendly phone conversation with an insurance adjuster might hurt your auto accident claim. The adjuster could try to get you to say you were at fault for the auto accident. The insurance adjuster could try to get you to agree that your injuries were not severe. If this happens, you can tell the insurance adjuster: “I’m just not ready to discuss the accident at this time.” Remember that no matter how friendly the insurance adjuster or investigator seems, that person works for the insurance company. A Nevada Attorney works for you and represents your interest. Using a Nevada Attorney to settle your car accident claim could increase the amount of your accident settlement.

If you or a family member were involved in an auto accident anywhere in Nevada, you can get free legal advice and personal injury information in an initial consultation with David Matheny, Esq. of the law firm of Dempsey, Roberts & Smith, Ltd. Our office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and we provide legal services for auto accident claims and other personal injury cases throughout Nevada.

Accident Claims In Nevada

Nevada Personal Injury Law can include numerous different injury claims. You should consult a Nevada Attorney anytime you are injured and you aren’t sure whether you have a legal right to recover money damages. If you want to evaluate your Nevada personal injury claim, contact a Nevada Attorney for free legal advice in an initial consultation.

Some of the numerous claims for personal injury include Drug Recalls, Nursing Home Malpractice-Abuse-Neglect, Medical Device Defects, Silicosis Claims, Diet Drug Injuries, Fen-Phen Claims, Pharmaceutical Injuries, Violent Crime Injuries, Cancer Misdiagnosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, Boating Injuries, Bus Passenger Injuries, Asbestos Claims, Sick Building Syndrome, Defective Hip Implants, Birth Injuries, Repetitive Stress Injuries and Toxic Mold Injuries. Other Nevada accident claims can include: Workplace Accidents – Drug Overdose Errors – Defective Medical Devices – Fires – Motorcycle Accidents – Bicycle Accidents – Trucking Accidents – Pedestrian Accidents – Construction Accidents – Explosions – Medical Malpractice – Nursing Malpractice – Elder Abuse – Premises Liability – Toxic Torts – Car Accidents in Nevada. If you have any doubt, call or e-mail a Nevada Attorney to arrange a free personal injury consultation to evaluate your legal rights.

If you were injured in Nevada, contact David Matheny, Esq. for a free personal injury consultation.

Medical Malpractice Claims In Nevada

Medical malpractice can be committed against you or a family member by any provider of health care and treatment including: anesthesiologist, hospital, clinic, psychiatrist, dentist, doctor, nurse or any other health care provider. In Nevada, the act of medical malpractice occurs when a Nevada health care provider causes a patient to be injured because of the lack of skill and competence which is normally used to treat and care for a patient. The level of skill is known as the “standard of care.” A Nevada medical malpractice complaint will allege that the actions of the health care provider fell below the required “standard of care” for that type of professional. This is another way of saying that the average professional (in that area of practice) would have known better and would not have committed the act which caused the injury.

In Nevada, a medical malpractice (Med-Mal) lawsuit usually requires a Nevada Attorney to use several experts to prove that the health care professional did not meet the standard of care for that specific area of medical practice. A Nevada medical malpractice claim is typically expensive to litigate because many experts are required to prove that the care of the patient was below the normal standard. In Nevada, medical malpractice claims are subject to a statutory cap which limits certain types of damages available to patients. The high costs of using experts and the limit on certain damages may cause some Nevada lawyers to take fewer medical malpractice cases as part of their personal injury law practice. A Nevada Attorney may have an expert evaluate your case early in the process, so that both you and the attorney can learn whether a viable claim can be made against the negligent party.

If you or a member of your family sustained injuries because of the medical malpractice of a health care professional in Nevada, you can get a free consultation with David Matheny, Esq. of the law firm of Dempsey, Roberts & Smith, Ltd. Our office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and we provide legal representation for Nevada residents throughout the state of Nevada.